WiTC 2017 Teams

Here’s the current roster of teams.

  1. Sgt Sodium’s Crappy Dice Club Band
  2. Nonokrion Order
  3. Kofoot, Kofoot & Rosenthal: Attorneys at War
  4. The Great Quimbini and the Dirty Tricks
  5. Team Earth, Wind, Fire
  6. C-Faction^3
  7. LOS? Where we’re going we don’t need LOS!
  8. Mighty Fluffy Tuna
  9. Good Enough
  10. Barney’s Cutthroats
  11. Team Mayhem
  12. Iowa’s Finest
  13. Pointy Eared Green Blooded Gobber Brigade
  14. Kill All Humans!
  15. Dank Legacy’s Three Man Wolf Pack
  16. Always a Morty
  17. Trump Arcana: Khadoran Collusion is Fake News
  18. Analysis Paralysis