Officially funded!

First milestone achieved; We have hit our initial funding goal! Words can’t express how extremely touched we are by the outpouring of support for you guys and gals in the community. It means so much to us to know we have your support in making this event happen, not just financially but emotionally.

Now’s no time to slow down, however. While the money we’ve raised so far is a massive achievement there are still oh so many expenses to account for. We need to keep pushing to put as big a dent into them as we can. Make sure you’re spreading the word to others in your gaming group about this event, so they can help out as well. To help show our appreciation and make your generosity worthwhile we’ve figured out some stretch goals!

At $6,500 dollars we’ll be able to include two custom pint glasses featuring the ATC logo. That’s right, not one but two. Gaming is a social event, after all, and you wouldn’t want to drink alone.

At $8,000 we’ll include a pair each of medium and small bases featuring the ATC logo. Use them as wreck markers, objectives, flags, proxy bases, or whatever; we won’t tell you how to live your life.

At $9,500 we’ll include a set of Steamroller zones featuring the ATC logo. You’ll never have to use a crudely cut out piece of dollar store shelf liner again!

So let’s keep spreading the word, because there’s still plenty of time to make this event the best it can be!