Painting Requirement Announcement

In an effort to be inclusive, and in keeping with the “everyone has a shot” spirit of the event, the Americas’ Team Championship will not have painting requirements. ¬†However, the World Team Championship does have advanced painting requirements, so any winning players must be mindful that they will be obligated to have a fully painted army when the time comes to redeem their prize.

WiTC 2016 Scenarios

Hello everyone!

At the WiTC 2016 event this weekend, we will be playing the following scenarios, in no particular order.

The Pit

We’re excited to see how all the scenarios are handled!

Registration Deadline is Nigh!

Rmember, folks, that you have until midnight tonight, July 8th, to get your team lists in for the WiTC. You can email the to us, messege us on Facebook, hand-deoiver a scroll; we don’t care how we get them, just get them to us!